Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fact: Black Dogs Have it Tough


Everyday shelters and dog rescues are faced with the issue of black dog syndrome. Black dogs are constantly over looked by potential adopters leading to a vast number of black dogs being euthanized each year. There are many reasons that black dogs are overlooked, many extremely superficial and insignificant.  Photography is a common reason that black dogs are over looked – it is hard to get a good picture of them.  When potential adopters are searching for their new furry family member, the internet common place to look, and without a good picture it is may difficult to create an emotional bond to a dog.  A solution to this is to read up on photography applications for darker objects and use proper lighting. Hollywood often portrays black dogs as the villain, and black is usually the colour of the “bad guys” in many children’s movies and television shows. Celebrities are often spotted with their pure bred lighter coloured dog which in turn transfers into mainstream trends. The human eye is often attracted in lighter objects and is drawn to colours that stand out. A lighter dog will always stand out among a group of black dogs.  Black dogs can also been stereotyped as being meaner or not as well behaved as lighter colour dogs which is a absolute fallacy. A dog’s personality and behaviour traits are learned from their environment, teaching and conditionings. The colour of a dog’s fur will have no correlation to their personality. Superstitions may also contribute to black dog syndrome as a black cat is considered ‘unlucky’ due to being linked to witch craft in the middle age times. Black dogs are often seen as less attractive than their light colour counterparts, many times referred to as “plain” or “common”. Manitoba Mutts has a variety of beautiful, adorable and lovable dogs many of them black in colour. It is also stated that it is harder to read the facial expression of a black dog, again creating difficulties in developing a connection between and adopter and dog they are considering. Depression is also referred to as the “black dog” which does not help the black dog syndrome issue.

Many black dogs have Labrador retriever in their genetic make up. This is heart breaking being the avid Lab enthusiast that I am. Labs make amazing dogs, their love and loyalty to their owners is unquestionable. Many black dogs may have the attributes that suit your needs, regardless of their breed. Overlooking a black dog because of their colour can result in your family missing out on a great pet.

What can you do to help black dog syndrome? Bring attention to the issue. When your friends and family are discussing their adoption options, remind them that black dogs can make great pets. If you are considering adopting ensure you are keeping an open mind to all colours and types of dogs and choosing a dog that best suits your family. Recognize and help celebrate black dogs and everything that they have to offer.

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