Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rambo - Our Sweet Survivor

By Dan Allen

No More Pain for Rambo :) 
Manitoba Mutts asked me to take care of an older male dog (about two years old) who was flying in from a reserve in Manitoba. Suffering from an injured leg, the poor guy was in quite a bit of pain. He had a broken leg which did not heal properly so he basically was walking on three legs. If he put any weight on his sore leg the pain was too unbearable for him to take. When arriving at MMDR, he had no name so he went by “Broken Leg.” Somewhere along the way someone referred to him as Rambo which was an ideal name for this fighter and survivor. Rambo stuck with him as it described him perfectly.

When Rambo lived on the reserve he had to defend himself against other male dogs that were healthier than him. This makes him very nervous when he is first introduced to other dogs. However, within a day in his foster home, Rambo warmed up nicely to his foster brother Shadow, a six month of Manitoba Mutts alumni.  

Rambo is a big boy weighing about 75 pounds with a huge head on him. His fur is a light brown and he is very handsome. His back legs are all muscle. Rambo has caused me to work out more lately as he decides whether or not he is ready for bed, if he is not, it will force me to carry him to the basement and put him inside his crate myself.

Even though he has been through a great deal of hardships, this big, goofy boy is one of the most loving and friendly dogs that I have ever met. He cannot get enough affection and never wants to leave your side. He is great in his crate at night and does not make a sound. Since coming into his foster home he has not had a single accident inside the house. He eats all his food and is always ready for seconds, or treats – either will do!  

Rambo’s bad leg has been amputated and is adjusting nicely to life on three legs and is no longer in pain. He is such a sweet dog and will make a great addition to a family. Manitoba Mutts is doing everything possible to ensure Rambo will live a healthy and happy life, this big boy deserve it! 

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