Sunday, 6 May 2012

Blaire's Perfect Family - Finally!

Blair came into Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue after being a long-term resident from the Winnipeg Human Society where she lived for about year. This girl has such a great spirit and energy about her, but for some reason was overlooked for a very long time.  In December, 2011, Blaire was brought in for professional photos to help her get noticed by potential adopters.  Many of us met her for the first time that day, and were so impressed with what a nice girl she is.  We took her to the dog park for a special visit and she was on her best behaviour.  

Blaire is great with other dogs, kids and small animals.  She was spectacular with her foster’s handicap child too!  Just shortly after photos, friends of the foster who had been staying with them could not let Blaire go and decided to adopt her.  It was a great day for all of us!  This was after over 8 months in care.  Unfortunately though, a few months later, Blaire was sick and her family could not afford her vet care, and had to surrender her back into our care.  Blaire went back up on the website and although there were interested adopters, still remained available for another two or three month. 
Blaire found an incredible family that is a perfect match for her; she is calming down and fitting into the family just nicely. She has not had any accidents and has lost quite a bit of weight due to her increased activity. Her family has learned not to leave things within her reach as she can devour food faster than imagined. She is working on eating prettier, with her new brother, Diego.

Blair has been enjoying leg rubs every morning as she is limping quite a bit when she wakes up. Her family is still determining the reason for the stiffness, whether it is from the increase in activity or early arthritis symptoms. When she first arrived she was very tired, but now she is enjoying her days with Diego, exploring and visiting grandma and grandpa and the rest of there family. She and Diego have their own dog run complete with their own dog houses for the odd days that their parents are not home.
The two of them are best friends and have officially been nicknamed Smelly and Melly. Blaire is Smelly, as she is a bit of a stinker. Diego is Melly, in reference to Melman, the hypochondriac giraffe from the movie Madagascar. They also go by Melman and Moosey and do not seem to mind.

Everyone is so proud of Blaire, she found her perfect family and she has completed theirs! Enjoy the summer, Blaire, Deigo and family!!
Diego & Blaire

Happy Family

Best Buddies

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