Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Adopt - Don’t Shop


By adopting and not shopping you can help end puppy mill and back yard breeders and help control the pet population and well being of our animals. Both types are operations are listed below as well as ways that you can help those that cannot help themselves.

Puppy Mills
Puppy mills are over crowded, high volume dog-breeding operations that usually focuses on rapidly producing pure bred puppies in dreadful conditions. These puppies are victim to inadequate health conditions, insufficient animal care and poor socialization. Puppy mills lead to unhealthy puppies with genetic and hereditary health defects. There are also a lot of misrepresented certificates and pedigrees attached to puppies from mills - which is illegal. These dogs are considered objects and are bred purely for profit – their well being is not considered; many are diseased and extremely unhealthy. All puppy mills partake in force breeding practices and most do not allow dogs to leave their kennel or crate at any time. Mostly, puppy mills sell to pet stores through a puppy broker. Some sell directly to the public but these conditions are typically hidden from potential buyers. Unfortunately, puppy mills are not illegal in Canada. The government does not regulate breeder so there are few instances where puppy mills are shut down by government authorities. What can you do to help stop puppy mills in Canada?

-          If you witness animal cruelty or a puppy mill report it to the SPCA, local dog rescues or local human society 
-          Do not support any pet store that sells puppies – majority of puppies sold in stores come from puppy mills
-          Consider adopting a dog or puppy rather than purchasing from a pet store or back yard breeder
-          Spread the word about puppy mills and where pet store puppies usually come from

Backyard Breeders
Backyard breeders are a major contributor of pet over population. Often, when puppies are purchased from back yard breeder they end up in pounds, rescues or set into the wild to reproduce with other feral dogs. These breeders are usually uneducated regarding proper breeding practices. Many consumers go to backyard breeders for a pure bred dog of their choice. These breeders make significant money off these consumers, many times selling genetically flawed and often unhealthy puppies. They breed dogs that have undetermined health problems and do not offer support once the dog is purchased. Many pure bred puppies from these breeders have allergies and other health problems – leading to costly vet bills and untimely death of the dog that you have grown to love.  How can you help eliminate back yard breeders?
-          Chose to adopt from a rescue or shelter and do not purchase a puppy from these breeders
-          Educate your friends and family of the effects and outcomes of purchasing from back yard breeders

Adopting Instead of Shopping
By adopting a puppy or dog you will contribute to fixing the major pet over population problem that Canada is faced with. You will also be giving a deserving dog a chance at the life that he or she deserves. In addition, by adopting you will be giving a chance to another dog to come into the rescue or shelter that you adopted from. Manitoba Mutts has a variety of different puppies and dogs of all ages ready for adoption, and ready to complete your family. By adopting and not supporting puppy mills and back yard breeders you will help put them out a business, in turn, helping those that do not have a voice.

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Why our adopters chose to adopt and not to shop: 
"Every dog deserves a loving home, whether they come from rescues, puppy mills or back yard breeders. Unfortunately, we would't need to be rescuing so many dogs if it weren't for these puppy mills and breeders that are only interested in making a buck. There are more than enough animals in this world in need of a good home without bringing more in. That's why adopting not shopping may some day put an end to these "businesses!" At least that's the plan in a perfect world." - Jean M.

"Because the life that fate left on my doorstep was equal in value to any other... because adopting lessens the suffering in the world and shopping contributes to it." - Jennie D.

"Main reason: Shopping supports puppy mills and back yard breeders."
Tracy K.

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