Friday, 11 May 2012

Sponsor a Mutt in Need


Sunshine is battling Heartworm
At Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue we bring dogs into our rescue requiring our help. We thrive to help as many dogs in our backyards as possible, some strays from Winnipeg and rural Manitoba, some surrendered by their owner for varies reasons and some come into cares in their womb of their mothers about to give birth. When a dog is brought into MMDR they are fully examined by a veterinarian. Many of these dogs have had a rough life and require costly and expensive treatments.  Whether it heartworm, an injure leg causing pain or any other aliment, we believe that every dog deserves a chance at a happy life.

At MMDR we hear a lot about how people would love to foster or adopt but it is not in their cards for the time being. If you are looking to help out, why not Sponsor a Mutt? By contributing to a dog in need, you can be their virtual foster parent, helping that dog become the pet he or she can be.

How to Sponsor a Mutt? Visit our website to donate at and specify if there is a dog in particular that caught your heart or if you want to help all our mutts in need.  In addition, non-monetary donations are also greatly appreciate: Dog & Puppy Food (we always prefer puppy food as most of the dogs that come to us are starved and need the fat content of puppy food in order to put on weight), Dog Kennels (new or used - our dogs don't mind),  Dog Collars & Leashes (new or used) Blankets, Paper Towels, Newspaper & Puppy Pads (for training puppies),  Dog toys and treats (dogs love to play, too you know), Kiddie Pool (for our mommas with puppies),  X-pens, Baby gates, Advertising donations, prize donations (for events), and other various donations.

Pennies for Pooches is another fundraising initiatives to raise funds for our dogs in need. Since pennies will not longer be produced in Canada, you may be looking for a way to part with the ones you currently have. Manitoba Mutts will happily take your pennies off your hands. Be creative – this is a fundraiser for all ages including children.

Keep checking our website, Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for all our fundraising events. Also, remember to please spread the word about Manitoba Mutts and what we do! 

This brave boy Rambo just has his leg amputated 

Cajun is going Parvo treatments and is looking for his forever home

Due to leg injuries Garcia requires a leg amputation   

Rumo requires double hip surgery as he currently is having major joint issues 

Tess has been diagnosed with has Cranial Crusiates Disease in both hind legs   

Olive came in with rough skin and extremely malnourished - she also has heartworm  disease

Annie requires hip surgery 

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