Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love a Black Dog Month - 10 Great Reasons to Adopt a Black Mutt

Happy Valentine’s Day!  What a perfect time to celebrate Love a Black Dog month.  Looking to adopt?  We asked the black dogs in care and they came up with ten great reasons to consider adopting a BLACK dog:

10.  We can’t clash with your furniture or clothing … we’re the perfect accessory for any room or outfit!  - Ruby

9.  We can rock any color collar and bandana.  Patterns, neon’s, you name it, we’ll look fantastic wearing it!  - Brooklyn

8.  We hide the dirt well!  If we don’t have time for a bath, your house guests won’t notice a bit of mud on our coats.  - Kingston

7.  Black is slimming, isn’t it?  We sure make you look great!  - Blaire

6.  Have a lighter colored dog?  We compliment any and all looks, shapes and sizes.  - Annie

5.  We are always appropriately dressed for cocktail parties.  - Prancer

4.  Be a trend setter.  When friends and family see how great a pet we are, they’ll want to adopt their own black dog too!  - Rockette

3.  You’ll never lose us in a Manitoba snowstorm.  - MJ

2.  We’re available!  You don’t need to worry about long waiting lists with black dogs of every age, size and personality waiting for forever homes.  - Akila

1.  We need you!  Unfortunately so many people overlook us.  We are just as friendly, loving and caring as any other dog – you won’t regret it.  - Chinook

So far 15 black dogs have been adopted this month.  There are still over 30 black dogs waiting for their forever home.  Visit our adoptables page to find your perfect match.  Find out more about our Black Dog Awareness month here

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karen said...

I've had three mostly black mutts in my adult life and have never understood the bias. My current funny valentine is 'laughable, unphotographable' (he looks like a little black blob in pictures)and like every other black dog I've had the pleasure to spend my life with, completely fabulous!

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