Thursday, 9 February 2012

BLACK DOG SPECIAL - Why I foster: Trooper

Trooper is in my top five favourite fosters, he was energetic, well behaved and BLACK. I picked up trooper from his foster home that wasn't quite working out for him, took him home everyone got to see him and play with him. Not even five minutes in the house he left a big pee trail. At first we thought it was a bladder infection but we quickly realized that he was just so excited that he just couldn't hold it. We immediately calmed down and the peeing immediately stopped. The next few days we started house training, how to sit and wait for his food, walking on leash properly around the yard, etc. He is an especially smart boy who caught on to housebreaking fairly quickly. The only thing wrong with him is that he really HATES car rides.

About four days after I got him, a friend asked if I was fostering him after seeing his pictures on Facebook. Her and her mom wanted to meet Trooper, so I carried him all the way there as he was too young to go on the ground. You could tell they immediately fell in love with him. They asked where he came from, what his personality was like, and why he was still in care (because he was a darn cute puppy even cuter now). I told them because he had mange and he was black, they were so shocked to hear that. I explained how black dogs usually say in care longer just because of their colour.

We scheduled more and more play dates so they could get to know him better and make sure they were making the right choice for their family and for Trooper. They picked him up on September 19th, I was heartbroken, but delighted at the same time, knowing he now has an excellent family. That night I got a text from my friend saying that he was not doing so well, he was just laying there not moving, or eating. I went over to give them some of his old food wet/dry thinking it might be the food change, but it turns out he was just home sick, he was doing much better after i got there and perked right up.

Trooper, now Darko is a wonderful dog, who's only had about three accidents in his forever home. He is now living the life of a very spoiled dog, he also knows a handful of tricks including sit, lie down, roll over, shake, speak and much more. He lives with a parrot and two people who love him so much, along with friends and neighbours too.  He still hates car rides though!  I get to see him on occasions when she brings him to school or I go visit him.

Fostering Darko was a wonderful experience. The black dogs are usually more fun to foster, they seem to put out more personality!  Foster or adopt a black dog today, they make wonderful companions.

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