Saturday, 11 February 2012

Black Dog Happy Tail "Jack"

By Danella Whittaker

On December 6th, 2011 we welcomed an adorable black dog in to our world. I first saw his picture on the Manitoba Mutts Facebook Page in September and I mentioned him to my husband Jason, who instantly responded with something to the extent of “NO... we don’t need a dog!” But all I heard was... “maybe”. I grew up with dogs and could not imagine my eight year old growing up without a furry friend.
Soon after I saw his profile I learnt that a patient in my office, Deanne, was actually Jack’s foster mom. This was such a happy coincidence! So, between myself, my daughter, Deanne, and Deanne’s Mom (thank you Fiona) we all started working on Jason to change his mind. Eventually (about two months later) he agreed to a “two week trial”, which to me really meant that he was opening the door.

Deanne and I made arrangements for me to come and pick him up and Jack happily came home with me on a Tuesday afternoon. My daughter was due to be home at 3:45 so I spent the majority of the afternoon just letting him get comfortable in our home. No problem there... he came in, sniffed around a bit and then fell asleep in front of the fire place (which is now his favorite place). When Emma came home the two of them hit it off instantly and have been best of pals ever since. I constantly hear her saying “Ohhhh I love it when Jack does that” or “Jack... you are such a good boy”.

There were two family members who did take a little while warming to our newest addition... our two cats Lilly and Gina. We introduced them very slowly, and Jack was very patient with them, but he sooooo badly wanted to play with them, which they would kindly reply with a hiss or a swat to the nose. I wouldn’t say that our feline friends “love” Jack yet, but they are “tolerating” him. This week there has been more and more “chase the cat” games or “chase the dog” games so I’m sure it won’t be long before they are all great friends.

To make a long story short, the “two week trial” has turned in to a lifetime of love. Jack can usually be found following me around the house with one ear up and one ear down, making new friends at Maple Grove Dog park, carrying around his favorite stuffed dog, or simply just lounging around on his back. We are so very grateful to the ladies at Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue, The Manitoba Emergency Response for Animals and Deanne Peterson. Without all of you our little family would definitely be a little less furry and lot less loved!

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Kimberly said...

Will is the same way with cats! So good to hear your story!

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