Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My "Perfect " Dog

By Brenda P.
I lost my beloved Taija two years ago after three bouts of cancer. She was my pride and joy and an important member of my family. From the time she came to us as a small puppy we shared such a bond and were constantly together. I had lost other dogs in the past but losing Taija devastated me and completely broke my heart. I vowed I would never get another dog as no dog could replace her in my heart and we still had our other dog, Dakota.
Being an animal lover, I decided to get into fostering to fill the void that Taija had left and company for Dakota who was missing his best friend. I contemplated it all winter before I made that call last spring.
When I decided to foster, I was determined that I was not going to foster failure. Being such an avid animal lover, I knew it would difficult to let them go afterwards so I made myself a “Perfect Dog” list. I set the bar so high that no dog could ever pass. I have fostered some great dogs but none ever came close to being my “perfect” dog. I loved fostering and everything was going to plan…Or so I thought.
  Then along came Shilo (aka Buddy). I saw him come up on the website and was immediately drawn to his picture. He reminded me so much of Taija and his name was Buddy (Buddy was the name of Dakota’s grandfather who we lost in a hit and run eight years ago). I reluctantly agreed to foster him and thought to myself; he’s probably not my perfect dog anyway. Shilo definitely proved me wrong - he is that and so much more. He fit into my family perfectly from day one and I am so glad that we found each other. He helped me open up my heart to love again and I gave him the love he needed when he lost his.
Sometimes I wonder if it was fate we are together and if Taija and Buddy somehow guided us together to mend our broken hearts.
 I so love my "perfect" dog.


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