Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Dog to Love - FINALLY!

By Colleen Skrepich
My entire life, I have always wanted a dog, but unfortunately, the people in my life have not allowed this to happen. Growing up my parents were not dog lovers (crazy, I know!) and then my spouse was adamant about not getting a dog. But about a year ago, at the age of 46, I was finally in the position where no one could hold me back from getting a dog so I began my search. While looking online, I came across MMDR…. And I am so glad I did.

I stayed on top of the MMDR Facebook page, keeping an eye on the adoptable dogs when I saw Ori and the ice cream puppies (two brown pups and two black pups). I immediately thought Ori was so beautiful, and how could I resist her cute puppies. I arranged a meeting with them and fell in love with both Ori and Nilla, her cute black puppy with white paws. We ended up taking them both home.

I loved them both, but a problem arose. I have a pool in my backyard and Ori would not do her business on the cement. It was also very difficult to keep Nilla from wanting to nurse, we had to separate them when we could not watch them. Nilla, just being a puppy, was too young for walks, but Ori had to go for many walks as she would not “go” in the backyard. I was completely exhausted. The tough decision had to be made – we could not keep both anymore. We decided to keep Nilla as it would be easy to train a puppy to pee in the backyard, and with Ori being such an amazing dog, I knew she would find a wonderful home. Which she did.

Nilla is 9 months old and she is the best dog. Since she was five months old she has been able to have the run of the house when she is alone. She has never chewed anything or had an accident. She has a lot of fun at the dog park playing with other dogs. We recently got a kitten, and boy does she love her, too… but she does like to chase her around now and then. Even my mom, who never liked dogs, loves Nilla and agrees that she is the best dog ever!

Nilla has gotten me through a really tough year, full of changes.  There is nothing better than coming home and having such a loving greeting waiting at the door. I know that technically I gave her a second chance, but she has helped me, in so many ways.

At the MMDR Christmas party, we got to see Ori again and also met Nilla's sister Cara. It turns out that we live close together and have even had a puppy play date with Cara.

I've recently been thinking of becoming a foster for MMDR and would sure be partial to those sweet black mutts! It should be Love a Black Dog Month EVERY month of the year!  

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