Sunday, 11 March 2012

Making a Family Whole Again - Tig!

By Tara Leger

We had just purchased our house and were preparing to move in, when our 11 year old lab, Buddy got sick. Our poor baby who had struggled with allergies and had been slowly going blind for most of his life had developed an ulcer on his eye. Sadly, despite the veterinarian’s best efforts, Buddy just kept getting sicker and sicker. On his last night the poor guy couldn’t even keep water down. Various tests proved that unfortunately we would not be able to improve Buddy’s life expectancy and we were forced to make the heartbreaking decision to put our poor old man down. This left us with empty hearts, my husband especially as this had been his baby. Behind, Buddy also left a very sad fur brother at home.

We moved into our house and Cheeko, our sadden fur baby seemed to be going through a depression mixed in with a lot of changes. I had started looking into adoption and fostering options for us but my husband was not 100% on-board.

I added various shelters to my Facebook to see what rescue dogs and puppies were available. I completely fell in love with Tig when I first saw his photo! Those eyes melted my heart. Now it was just convincing my husband that it was the right choice for us. We arranged for Cheeko to meet Tig, (as Cheeko can be a bit bossy). They got along amazing…My anti-social little man actually played with Tig…My husband couldn't believe it! I still had some convincing to do with my husband, but two days later Tig came home with me!

Now Tig has it so good and he is so good to us. In the mornings after my husband gets up for work, Tig cuddles with me in bed. Now when I say cuddles I mean literally cuddles - he wraps his paws around me and snuggles my face with his! My husband has become really attached and takes both boys to the dog park almost daily! He's working with Tig on his training and really enjoying his company!
Tig loves his bossy big brother but doesn't let him boss him around. They are always playing together and chasing each other around. Tig is an amazing addition to our family and I am looking forward to seeing how the boys are with the newest addition – coming any day now!

Thank you Manitoba Mutts for saving Tig and his family, he is truly a blessing to our family and we are enjoying every minute with him!

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Sue said...

Love your story (sorry for Buddy's demise) of Tig joining your family. Hope you will share more after the newest addition arrives .

Sue in NK (Molly's new mom)

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