Friday, 11 November 2011

Welcome to our blog!

Hey dogs and dog lovers! We are happy to announce that our blog is up and running! Expect some tweaks and small changes in the future, but for now we're happy to start blogging about those who matter most to us, our mutts!

We will be using this blog not only to tell you about the dogs in our care, but also how to keep your 4-legged friend healthy, tip and tricks, the latest in "dog awesomeness", and much more...

Oh, and also about events that we have coming up! Speaking of which....

The first order of business that we want to share is that we have an adoption fair coming up TOMORROW! That's right, TOMORROW! What a great time to welcome a new pup into your family. We have so many puppies that are growing up in foster care and they all really deserve to meet their forever families and become wonderful dogs alongside them.

Many of our dogs are going to be there and we'd love for all of them to find wonderful homes (but we'll settle for a few :)! ). We will be at Bits & Bites Pet Station (135-2200 McPhillips Street) from 10am-4pm. Come by and visit our pups, learn more about our rescue, and consider adding a 4-legged companion to your family.

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